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Mr Lonely Toad Maya Rig (Free Download)

Zbrush - non overlapping alphas method

What's the most tedious task in Rigging?

The Tyrant Dragon is here! After 4 years of making

Maya Mirror Animation Script

Lion Cub Maya Rig is now online

Trex Big Mom Rig is now available!

Updated Jaemin Dragon rig (easier for flying) and upcoming rigs news

My first Blender Rig ever, is now FREE for download!

FREE Lizard Creature Maya Rig & Godzilla Unreal Control Rig

Solutions to bring Truong Rigs into Game Engine

Pteranodon (flying dinosaur) Maya rig is now FREE for download

Free Boxy Grasshopper, (no free) Buffalo & Penquin rig and my first NFT Art

Clay Kong rig is now FREE for download

Set Dress Master is now working on Maya 2022 (Python3)

Clay Water Dragon & Spider-verse Spider-man Maya Rigs (FREE DOWNLOAD)