Vulture Dragon Maya rig

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Model, shader and texture by Stellan Joerdens

(inspiration from Devon Cady Lee concept art)

Rig testing & feedback by Philipp Willer

Rigged by Truong Cg Artist

The rig is for non-commercial use only. 

Use discount code: "free" to get the rig for free.

Video Demo

Cannot download/ buy the rig?

* Please note the rig is quite heavy for some (slow) machines. Test it first before doing the actual project.

Technical Information

Software: Maya 2014 (or higher).

Rigged using Advanced Skeleton.

Maya scene files include: the rigged dragon.

vulture_creature_rig_arnold_2018: the shaded dragon using arnold in maya 2018

texture files include color, displacement, specular, roughness and normal maps.

Video tutorials

Issues and bugs

If you have any rig issues or further questions/ requests, feel free to contact me at my facebook page:

or email me at: or

Happy animating!

Truong (sign up your email here to receive emails for future rigs)

Rigging videos and early access to free rigs:

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Vulture Dragon Maya rig

12 ratings
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