The Tyrant Dragon - Maya Rig

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The Tyrant Dragon - Maya Rig

Truong CG Artist
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The Tyrant Dragon Maya Rig.

Model, Sculpting, Textures, Rigging, Shaders & Lighting setup by Truong.

Video demo

The animation done by Dileep Bhargav L: https://youtu.be/bys_EzcvRAQ

Turntable render: https://youtu.be/uLDE37ksOKg

Fin setup: https://youtu.be/l_q-PfQ84eA

The picker: https://youtu.be/oNLNk88Jxhg

Picker explained: google doc

Display color on viewport & rendering: https://youtu.be/0BN876Pe_wk

Remember to open the model Shape tab: Arnold > Subdivision > Type: catclark; Iterations: 3. For displacement to work, I forgot to mention that in the video.

Use Maya Rig to pose the Zbrush sculpt: https://youtu.be/QInsC96CyLE


Technical Information

Software: Maya 2018 (or higher)

Rigged using Advanced Skeleton. 

Verts: 94,471

Faces: 79,659

Tris: 169,339

Files includes:

Maya rig, Look dev file (Maya, with Arnold)

Textures: color, normal, displacement, roughness


Color variations, Substance painter & Zbrush files are only available at Commercial Licenses 

Remember to File > Set Project, so all the textures can be loaded automatically. 

Issues with the rig?

Problem solving blog: https://truongcgartist.wordpress.com/

If you have any other rig issues or further questions, feel free to ask me at my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/truongcgartist

or email me at cvbtruong@gmail.com or truongcgartist@gmail.com



In the early stage of the rig:

Jonathan Symmonds - Supervisor (take a look at his dragon course at Sophoria Academy)

David Waldhaus - UV, Texturing, Shading & Lighting

Philipp Willer - animation & providing rig feedback

Øyvind Nøstdal - Advanced Skeleton support

Philipp Winterstein - follicle script & additional rigging support

Josh Sobel - additional rigging support

Ben Wotton - additional rendering


In the later stage of the rig (I redid the model, sculpting, uv, texturing & rigging):

Phung Nhat Huy - thank you for helping me with the fin setup

Dileep Bhargav L - rig feedback & animation test

David Torres - rig feedback

Rakesh Patil - rig feedback

Ramzan Mulani - animation test 

Happy animating!

If you like the rig, please share it with your friends.



https://gumroad.com/truongcgartist (sign up your email here to receive emails for future rigs)

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