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Leopard Maya Rig

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Leopard Maya Rig made by Truong.

Cannot download/ buy the rig?

Use discount code: "free" to get the rig for free.

.obj and .fbx are now INCLUDED


Second option for leg setup:

New facial setup:

Technical Information

Software: Maya 2018 (or higher)

Rigged using Advanced Skeleton.

Maya scene files include: rigged leopard reference this file into your animation scene and render, the lighting was setup already (mental ray). Use Render_cam for the best results. 

Faces: 78282

Vertices: 79829

Texture folder: all the texture files (color, normal, displacement, specular).

Remember to set project, so all the textures can be loaded automatically.

Remember to turn "visibility" on for the "lens" layer before rendering. It will make nicer eyes render. 

How to render?

I also included the Zbrush project file (Zbrush 4r7 p3) in case you need to change the texture: leopard_zbr_prj

Leopard with (xgen) fur:

The xgen version was done by Massinissa MATOUB, here is the instruction video on how to use it. I no longer support Xgen file.

Issues and bugs

If you have the counter issue at the scapular controls, turn the Leg Aim attribute to 0 at the Feet controls. 

If you have any rig issues or further questions/ requests, feel free to contact me at my facebook page:

or email me at: or

I cannot promise that I can fix all of the issues that may occur but I can promise that I will 100% get back to you with (a bug fixed or) a work around solution. 

Happy animating!

Truong (sign up your email here to receive emails for future rigs)

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Leopard Maya Rig

63 ratings
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