Maya Dragon Rig (Jaemin Dragon)

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Maya Dragon Rig (Jaemin Dragon)

Truong CG Artist
136 ratings

Free Maya Dragon Rig

Use discount code: "free" to get the rig for free.

New features explained: google doc


Dragon Concept Art by Jaemin Kim.

Model, Texture, Rig & Lighting by Truong.

Used in my short film - Forsaken Warriors

Little video demonstration on how to use the rig:


Even though the rig already have an embed picker, I also included AnimSchool Picker done by Julien Ebel.

You can read more about AnimSchool Picker here: link

*This rig is for non-commercial use only. Animation practice, school project, personal projects, 11s club

*Contests and demo reel are totally fine. 

Cannot download/ buy the rig? https://youtu.be/jPB-8-ewvFI

Technical Information

Software: Maya 2018 (or higher)

Rigged using Advanced Skeleton. 

Maya scene files include:

Dragon_rig: the rigged dragon

Redshift folder is where I setup the dragon for Redshift Renderer.

Remember to set project, so all the textures can be loaded automatically. 

How to render?


If you have any rig issues or further questions, feel free to ask me at my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/truongcgartist

or email me at cvbtruong@gmail.com or truongcgartist@gmail.com

Happy animating!

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I want this!


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