Maya Dragon Rig (Jaemin Dragon)

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Free Maya Dragon Rig

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New features explained & problems solving: google doc

Problem solving blog:


Dragon Concept Art by Jaemin Kim.

Model, Texture, Rig & Lighting by Truong.

Used in my short film - Forsaken Warriors

Little video demonstration on how to use the rig:

Even though the rig already have an embed picker, I also included AnimSchool Picker done by Julien Ebel.

You can read more about AnimSchool Picker here: link

*This rig is for non-commercial use only. Animation practice, school project, personal projects, 11s club

*Contests and demo reel are totally fine. 

Cannot download/ buy the rig?

Technical Information

Software: Maya 2018 (or higher)

Rigged using Advanced Skeleton. 

Maya scene files include:

Dragon_rig: the rigged dragon

Redshift folder is where I setup the dragon for Redshift Renderer.

Remember to set project, so all the textures can be loaded automatically. 

How to render?


Trouble shooting blog:

If you have any rig issues or further questions, feel free to ask me at my facebook page:

or email me at or

Happy animating!

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Maya Dragon Rig (Jaemin Dragon)

157 ratings
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