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Sphynx Cat Maya Rig

21 ratings

Sphynx Cat Maya Rig made by Truong.

Video Demo:

Use discount code: "free" to get the rig for free.
Animation is not included.

Use CutOut attribute under Main control to change the look of cat between normal version vs Cut-out version.

Software: Maya 2014 (or higher).

Rigged using Advanced Skeleton.

Maya scene files include: the rigged cat. rendering file, using Redshift3d.

Texture files include color, displacement, specular and normal maps.

Zbrush project file is also included.

Video tutorials:

If you have flipping issue, check out this script:

Issues and bugs If you have any rig issues or further questions/ requests, feel free to contact me at my facebook page: or email me at: or

Rigging videos and early access to free rigs:

Happy animating!


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Sphynx Cat Maya Rig

21 ratings
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